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About Me

I have an emotional connection with animals and often gravitate toward photographing them. I love animals big and small, pretty and even plain ugly ones. Most of my animals are real living ones. However, I do enjoy photographing rubber duckies too. I try not to make myself or photography too seriously. A favorite quote from one of my photography professors was, “This isn’t brain surgery, you can have fun with photography”. No matter what I'm photographing, I look for personality and soul in the image.


So where do I photograph these animals? Anywhere I find them including zoos, rescues, homes and my favorite is in the wild where most are photographed. The important thing is the animal is happy, if not it comes through in the photograph. While not all my images are humorous, I usually aim for the positive side of life. Seeing people react to my photography is how I came up with “Art That Smiles”.  I hope you enjoy!

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